martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Otro Slab entintado

Ok, now the fourth try. What can I say about it? There they are, these weird friggin' straight bits of lines that I'm positive I didn't drew like that.
Vectors are strange, they have a life of their own and sometimes they don't obey. Maybe it's my tablet, maybe it's me, maybe it's the settings on the brush, I don't know what it may be yet, but I will do it better every time, hopefully.

I will conquer you, dirty rotten digital ink!!


Here's the third go at this one.
This one looks crappy, and I swear that it didn't seem that bad while I was working on it, I think I've to relax a little, focus more. Some of the lines look like if they had been broken.
I'm ashamed of myself, I promise to do better the next time. My honor is at stake, even though it never had too much value, I've got to save what little I have left...

Have you ever been kicked in the forehead by a mule? It looks like Slab here knows how it feels...


Here's my second try on this one, improving what I thought that was looking odd. Is it ok? I guess I'll have to wait for mr. K's verdict.

Open GL version

Render View capture (I don't know how to export a rendered image)


Here's another Slab I inked, trying to improve enough to appeal to mr. John K.

This one overall looks better than the one I did before and it took less time, so, for me, there is an improvement in some way. I think that still there's something not quite right on the consistency of some lines like on the stomach. At least it's not awful enough to make me puke.

lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

Entintando a Slab

Trying the inks on John K's Slab. Are they any good or sucks balls? Maybe they're good sucking balls...

On a second look:
The hand up above doesn't look good, now that I look at it... the curve of the chest isn't that great either and I missed a wrinkle on the cheek.
Maybe the variation on the thick and thin should be greater.
Acá van a ir publicadas mis prácticas non sanctas, mi entrenamiento como artista gráfico. Sin respeto a nada que no sea divertido.