martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Otro Slab entintado

Ok, now the fourth try. What can I say about it? There they are, these weird friggin' straight bits of lines that I'm positive I didn't drew like that.
Vectors are strange, they have a life of their own and sometimes they don't obey. Maybe it's my tablet, maybe it's me, maybe it's the settings on the brush, I don't know what it may be yet, but I will do it better every time, hopefully.

I will conquer you, dirty rotten digital ink!!


Here's the third go at this one.
This one looks crappy, and I swear that it didn't seem that bad while I was working on it, I think I've to relax a little, focus more. Some of the lines look like if they had been broken.
I'm ashamed of myself, I promise to do better the next time. My honor is at stake, even though it never had too much value, I've got to save what little I have left...

Have you ever been kicked in the forehead by a mule? It looks like Slab here knows how it feels...


Here's my second try on this one, improving what I thought that was looking odd. Is it ok? I guess I'll have to wait for mr. K's verdict.

Open GL version

Render View capture (I don't know how to export a rendered image)


Here's another Slab I inked, trying to improve enough to appeal to mr. John K.

This one overall looks better than the one I did before and it took less time, so, for me, there is an improvement in some way. I think that still there's something not quite right on the consistency of some lines like on the stomach. At least it's not awful enough to make me puke.

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  1. You export by going to file > export> images

    There you can choose what format you want to export and where you want it to go

    Be sure to reduce your scene length to 1 or the program will export a bunch of blanks along with your drawing.

    1. Thank you, Elana, but the only option I have when exporting images is the Open GL (the regular aliased one).

      Maybe I should try working on a higher resolution while I'm inking these.

  2. sorry Facundo

    I can't open your file

    it's in Harmony which is not compatible with Animate

    1. That's weird, I didn't inked that in Harmony. Isn't a .digital extension right?
      What does your program tell you?

  3. OK I was able to open it

    it's a bit wobbly

    you need some more practice



    1. Ok, John, thank you!

      I was sweating trying to figure that one out...


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